Hanson Family
Hanson family - image
Top Row:  Reginald(Regi) & Brandy Thompson,  Eric Hanson (Scotts),
Melissa Bessinger (Colleens),  Tina Hanson (Kevins wife),  Alvin Bessinger (Colleen's husband)

Middle Row:  Grandpa Sam Hanson,  Kevin Hanson,  Ryan Hanson (Kevins),
Keith Hanson (Scotts),  Colleen Bessinger,  Grandma Ele Hanson,  Karen Hanson (Scott's wife)

Bottom Row:  Buckwheat,  Chelsea (Colleen's),  Melanie (Kevins),
Michael & Jennifer Hanson (Scotts) and Scott Hanson.

This picture was taken in Kevins family room in Lincoln University, PA on Christmas Eve 2000.

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