Internal Growth
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Inside Front #2 Inside Rear #2
Hey, we're getting somewhere!  The above pictures show the insulation, basic framing,
drywall and even some finished woodwork on the back wall with the windows.  The picture
on the left looks to the front.  It shows the drywall area comprising the kitchen, bathroom,
and closet.  The picture on the right looks to the rear.  This is going to be the living room.  The
dark side walls show the 7 1/4 inch fiberglass insulation that we used.  It looks like there is a
ceiling in the living room, but those boards will be removed.  Those are the cross members in the
"A's."  Above the kitchen and bathroom they formed the ceiling and loft floor above.  But in the
living room, they will be removed for an open view all the way to the peak.  Not only did they
act as spacing and support in the construction, but they also are being used at this point
as a scaffolding to reach the upper walls.

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