Our Cabin

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How It Started
original trailer - image
The Original Trailer.ss
burnt living room - image
Fire! Part 1
burnt kitchen - image
         Fire! Part 2

A New Beginning
pouring the foundation - image
A Decision Is Made...
finished slab - image
A New Foundation
the A's - image
   The "A" In A-Frame
roofing - image
Up On The Roof .....
front framing - image
I've Been Framed
rear framing - image
   Closing Up The Rear
rear finish - image    
Finishing Up.....    
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....finished front - image
Putting Up a Good Front

The Inside Story
Inside Front #1
Bare Bones.........
Inside Front #2
Internal Growth
Bath #1
Inside Front #3
A Personality Emerges.
Loft Ladder
A Path To The Top
under construction gif

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