The Original Trailer

original trailer - image
When my brother Dan, his wife Connie and I bought this property in western Kentucky
it had an old, but livable trailer on the site.  A year later, we were just getting the place
somewhat furnished and comfortable.  Cabin comfort, not luxury living.  I must admit I
I was really starting to enjoy this rural retreat.....  When.....  Fire!

No one was staying at the trailer in the beginning of February, 1996 when the well pump
motor caught on fire and quickly spread throughout the trailer.  I don't want to understate
the word "QUICKLY."  After seeing the way this burnt, I would be leery of spending any
length of time in a trailer like this one.  The construction is basically wood slats, thin press-
board and aluminum siding.  The picture below shows the trailer after the fire.  This fire was
seen just as it started and the fire department had it out shortly after that.  You can see the
smoke damage around the windows.  But to see the real story, check out the
pictures of the inside.

burnt trailer - image
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