A Decision Is Made

Pouring The Foundation - image
With our trailer destroyed by fire, the future of the property was about to go though
some major changes.  First we needed to clean up the site.  We decided to call the dozer
company that dug our pond for the solution.  A large hole was dug in the yard and the
remains of the trailer was pushed into it.  My brother then used fire again to reduce what
was left of the trailer to a minimum.  The dozer then ran over the remains a few times to
crush it down and covered it over with topsoil.  Talk about burying the past!

The now cleaned and grated site was ready for something new.  After many hours of
thought and planning, we broke ground on our new cabin.  An A-frame cabin.  We choose
an A-frame design because of it's low cost and ease of construction.  We also decided to put
it on a cement slab foundation.  The above picture shows my brother Dan (right) and me
pouring cement for the foundation.  The two of us plan on building this cabin ourselves.
Although, I must give thanks to my sister, Renee, for all her hard work during the week it
took to get the foundation poured.  Thanks again, Renee!

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